Should you refactor your Objective-C app to Swift ?

Swift is hot, lets face it. Given that the new language is backed by a giant, easy to use and a permanence monster, at least on iOS, which is basically the money making engine for most software companies; it is important to stop and think about it. In this article, we will review the pros and cons; not as engineers, but rather as business decision makers that really care about the cost-benefit balance. Without further due, lets dive in.

Arguments in Favor of Swift

1- Swift is growing, so it will be easier to find swift developers in the future.

This is correct, swift is growing and its adoption is easy, thanks to the simple syntax and logical structure. Hence, it would be rational to decide to build an entirely new iOS app with swift. Not only that, but developers wishing to switch to the iOS platform will choose swift almost anytime. The argument is simple, the costs and investments for any developer in a new language is based on the expectations of the language demand in the future. Hence, developers pick to learn swift because they expect is to grow, specially that its backed by the mighty Apple and is serving the world’s most used smartphone at the time of writing this article. Therefore, as a rational developer you will always pick the language that you believe will be used more, which increase the number and incentive to learn swift and maximize the payoffs of doing so.

2- Swift is easier, apps are faster to code and performs better.


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