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Swift is hot, lets face it. Given that the new language is backed by a giant, easy to use and a permanence monster, at least on iOS, which is basically the money making engine for most software companies; it is important to stop and think about it. In this article, we will review the pros and cons; not as engineers, but rather as business decision makers that really care about the cost-benefit balance. Without further

As part of of being a product development company, switching to agile was one of the main strategic decisions that any software house building products is ought to take at some point.However, one of our main concerns about switching to agile was the fact that agile development methodologies are by nature dependant on the trust in the team. It follows, that the factor of control - an essential element in any project management methodology -

 So your ready to hit the Egyptian Start-up market, huh? Below are the suggested media outlets to have your product or service featured in when launching your new venture in Egypt. Are you ready, set….go1. CAIRO360Cairo 360 is a strong, local,  media outlet that specializes in providing the 360 experience of getting the most out of your living in Cairo. Known especially for it’s food awards, it also provides weekly updates on the latest events, destinations as

There is an overwhelming happiness that takes over our minds and bodies when we check the reports and know that the following sprint is the last one. However, there exists a product owner that takes upon himself to spoil the cheerfulness to add few more integrations and software that seemingly adds no value to the user. Well, he is right. While we spend most our time crunching code to produce functionality, there is an entire division in any company