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Our Story

We started software development as a beautiful accident back in 2013. Our first start-up dream was, a platform where Middle Eastern freelancers had a fighting chance to compete within the global freelancing market. Like most start-ups, we hired a software house that took eagerly our money, but never delivered. Left with little choice, we took some of the same coders, hired some weird ones and took the development team in-house where we managed the team directly and eventually launched Mostaqqel.
We didn’t stop there, however. Now armed with the know-how of launching such a large platform, we decided to expand into E-commerce, UX/UI Design, simple to complex WordPress sites, and various mobile technologies.
Long story short. If time is of the essence and you’re seeking a smart, highly-qualified and thoughtful development team that’s also business- and market-savvy, look no further. We will provide you with out of the box, visual solutions for your company

Welcome to Workbox.